45Commitee Releases Polling Showing Americans Want Tax Reform
The More Voters Learn About Key Elements, The More They Support It

Washington, D.C. – Today, 45Committee released polling conducted by Bill McInturff and Nicole McCleskey with Public Opinion Strategies (POS) concerning tax reform as part of its Middle Class Project and days before legislation is expected to be voted on both in the U.S. House and Senate.

Among the survey’s findings, “nearly three quarters of Americans (73 percent) want a tax cut, either for individuals, businesses or both. Only one quarter of voters (25 percent) say Congress should not cut taxes.”

Republican-held Congressional Districts support the tax reform plan by five percentage points, 47 to 42 on the initial ballot, with the difference growing to seven points on the informed ballot.

Moreover, voters respond strongly upon hearing both positive and negative messages about tax reform, with “nearly nine out of ten (88 percent) Republicans support[ing] the plan on the post-message ballot test.”

The messages about the tax plan that move the needle among voters are:

• Removes and eliminates many loopholes so special interests start paying their fair share;
• Levels the playing field for American businesses to better compete against foreign competition;
• Estimated that more than one million jobs would be created over the next 10 years with higher wages for workers;
• Simplifies and reduces taxes for most Americans by doubling the standard deduction.

It is noteworthy the generic ballot among all voters closes from 12 points between an unnamed Republican trailing the Democrat on the initial ballot to eight points in the informed ballot after hearing messages on both sides of the tax reform debate.

Lastly, the survey finds 62 percent of voters agree with the statement, “Republicans may have to settle on tax reform without getting everything they wanted, but it is better to get something done to cut taxes rather than have Congress get nothing done at all on the issue.”

In response to the survey results, 45 Committee Chairman and President Brian Baker stated, “The data shows Americans overwhelmingly support giving middle class families meaningful tax relief. We urge Members of Congress to keep standing strong for working families by passing meaningful and historic tax reform. The simple fact is the more voters hear and learn about tax reform, the more key subsets of the electorate support it. The 45Committee will continue its work until legislation reaches President Trump’s desk giving hardworking Americans the win they were promised and deserve.”