45Committee Launches “The Middle Class Project”

Top Pro-Trump Outside Group Backs Tax Reform With “Massive” Investment

Washington, D.C. – Today, the 45Committee launched its “The Middle Class Project.” The organization will play a lead role in advocating in favor of tax relief for American families and small businesses with a focus on the impact it will have on the middle class.

As per reporting this morning from Axios, “One of the biggest pro-Trump outside groups of 2016, backed by the Adelson and Ricketts families, plans to spend ‘eight figures’ – at least $10 million – backing tax reform. The 45Committee is launching ‘The Middle Class Project,’ a 501(c)(4) with an opening TV spot, ‘What’s In It For You,’ that will debut nationally with tomorrow’s bill introduction … The spending will be aimed at ‘Republicans and Democrats, including national and targeted advertising in key states and districts, grassroots efforts … and a heavy investment in data and digital operations.’” (“Mike’s Top 10,” Axios, 11/1/17)

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