The Middle Class Project is dedicated to passing the largest tax cuts in over 30 years – and bringing about meaningful reforms to our outdated and anti-competitive tax system. These tax cuts will bring tax relief and bigger paychecks to middle class Americans.

We will encourage Americans to contact their representatives in Congress to advocate for President Trump’s tax cut plan that will raise wages by $1,200, create over 592,000 jobs, and ensure the first $24,000 earned by married couples and $12,000 earned by individuals will be tax-free.

The Middle Class Project is sponsored by the 45Committee, an independent non-profit advocacy organization. 45Committee was founded in 2015 and has been educating Americans on possible solutions to the challenges facing the 45th President of the United States.

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The tax cut plan will simplify our tax code, create jobs, and raise wages.

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Stay up to date on what the tax cuts will mean for you – and how many jobs will be created & how much more of your money that you can keep in your pocket!

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